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  1. It takes more strength to stand back up after a loss, especially a great loss.

    It took me a while to stand after the loss of my father. A few months afterwards I just broke down one day to my mom. My strength just wouldn’t hold any longer, but I became better not long after that.

    1. Thanks Lisa yes you’re absolutely right it does. We’re often a lot stronger than we think we, but our resolve is often put to the test when we experience a great loss, like the loss of a parent.

      I believe all experiences are valuable, but suffering a great loss is more valuable because we can learn a lot more.

  2. VERY true quote, people really are competitive. While driving it’s who can get to the front of the pack. I usually pass someone and then get back in the line till I have to pass (or get in the slow lane as is most of the time).

    IT DOES take a bigger person not to expend the energy of trying to win something but to step back and reflect after they have lost. Life just doesn’t always happen like that, it’s something that hopefully comes with age and wisdom.

    NICE quote Ilana!

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you, yes it does. We learn so much more by standing back and using reflection as a tool to work through our experiences.

      In most cases I would say wisdom comes with age. We can learn a lot from our lives. I do think, however that we’re more in control of our lives than we think we are, but knowing how to take control often comes with age and maturity.

      1. I think it’s the resilience in the face of the human condition. I relate to this comment by the torments of my affliction that to keep on fighting.

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