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  1. This is so true. We adapt from the moment we’re born and throughout life, but when it comes to changing we’re not so quick to do it. I find difficulty with change myself. I’m a little OCD.

    I have things arranged (especially in my kitchen) the way I want them. I can find things easily, but if someone comes in and tries to change my messy organization I buck. You don’t mess with the way I have things organized.

    I have certain ways I raise my child. I find it hard to change even that. He goes to bed at a certain time and gets up at a certain time. I puree all his food and I even have a certain way I puree it.

    I think we have problems with change cause we’re comfortable with how things are done now, the familiar.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think the quote is also so true. I believe we adapt, but not necessarily out of choice. If we didn’t adapt we’d struggle with ‘life.’

      Change is moving from one scenario into another and that is so much more ‘difficult.’ As you point out, the things we find familiar are the things we consciously choose not to change and that’s not always a bad thing.

      Change is good for us, it shows we’re moving forward with our lives and that we’ve grown emotionally, ready to take on new challenges.

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