4 thoughts on “A Machiavelli quote

  1. People are good at games, like always looking cheerful when someone’s watching. But if you look closely out the corner of your eye you may get a glimps of something completely different.

    But then again, some folks show you what they really are on purpose, that’s when things get interesting.

    1. Thanks Tim. Interesting or difficult? Some but not all people will show you what they want you to see, rather than what you need to see.

      It is important we are who we purport to be. Facade’s don’t work, it is difficult to work with anyone who continually challenges our perceptions of them.

      I have always bought into what you see is what you get. That definitely works and is what we all need right now.

    1. Yes, right now what we need is honesty and transparency. The world is in chaos and tatters because it is shroud in dishonesty and lies. We must want to care and come together before it’s too late.

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