4 thoughts on “A Malcolm Forbes quote

  1. I agree with this definition of education, but unfortunately educators probably don’t.

    Traditionally, education has been seen to serve economic and social purposes, but I see its role as encouraging a young mind to think beyond what it’s taught and be open to the endless possibilities.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree with you. I disagree also. Perhaps where ‘educators’ are going wrong.

      An open mind encourages healthy debate and encourages learning. It should be encouraged. ‘Book read’ is not the same as being ‘worldly read.’

  2. I’ve learned to be suspicious of education that doesn’t tie us to morality and truth. That leaves us limited in the world of common sense.

    Having said that, no one can lead us astray or impede our access to anything with a well rounded education.

    1. Thanks Tim. I agree with you, I would just add… that given what we see in politics today, a well rounded education doesn’t give you common sense, unless you apply common sense to what you’ve learned.

      An education gives us access to the wider world, but it doesn’t help with behaviour or mental health and issues around mental health, as we’ve also seen.

      I think the more educated we are, the better the outcome in terms of being able to apply what we know to how we live, but we apply common sense in all circumstances, so the education we’ve earned, can be put to good use.

      A well rounded education without common sense doesn’t make anyone well read or well versed. You may as well not have it if that is the case. It is exactly what you’re seeing played out in politics.

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