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  1. Great quote. I guess if we come full circle to where we started, we should look again at the course of action you took in the first place and make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice!

    1. Thanks. Yes I believe if we come full circle it’s usually because we were meant to. The problem is we don’t always understand that, particularly if we were hoping for a different outcome.

  2. There are many lessons learned, when life brings you full circle. It takes a smart mind to realize this.

    Many people don’t understand that. Hopefully they can look back and see it. It makes you a happier and wiser person.

  3. I’m having difficulty digesting the fact that I’ve actually come full circle. It feels eerily with a combination of uncertainty and promise. My eagerness to reinvent myself and half a lifetime to do it is a pretty big pill to swallow.

    But coming full circle is like being born again, and that might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    1. Thanks Tim. There are some circumstances where we definitely come full circle, but when it comes to life itself I’m not sure we do.

      When we feel emotionally stuck we can sometimes feel like we haven’t moved on, but I believe we move on more than we think we do. The mind has a way of playing tricks with us sometimes.

      Coming full circle often means we need to understand we must take a different approach, so that we tackle our circumstances and our lives differently.

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