4 thoughts on “A Mandy Patinkin quote

  1. This quote reads plain but it nudges you with the truth. It made me wonder what we’re going to do with this lifetime.

    1. Yes, it’s something we should all be thinking about and how we can make this life and world better and so that we leave the world a better place.

      As Mandy Patinkin says, it’s through love and support we can and will end the pain and suffering of those who are caught up in mindless violence wars.

      And although we’re individually responsible for what we put out there, it’s our governments that must make the biggest impact on the world.

      We’re not seeing that right now.

  2. This is a very idealistic quote but essentially it is true; history has proven that violence doesn’t work.

    We need to be tolerant and understanding of all others instead of being prejudiced, superior and judgmental.

  3. Thanks, yes we do. I would also add self-absorbed, self-centred and self-righteous to your list. They’re all human failings, but they don’t have to be.

    We must want to change and be selfless. We must be more selfless.

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