6 thoughts on “A man’s fate

  1. I agree with that.

    Sometimes we make our own fate by how we feel about ourselves. If we think we are not worthy that is the persona we give off and others will think of us that way too.

    That’s why we should keep a positive attitude at all times if possible. Thinking negative thoughts can sometimes make things happen. We can cause our own misfortune.

  2. Wow, Lisa took my thoughts out of my head and wrote it here.

    A positive attitude goes a long way, a negative one tends to depress us. Sometimes a negative attitude is not looked upon as a depressor, but it is!

    Saying positive things to ourselves, gives us a better outlook on things. Funny as it may be to talk to yourself in the mirror, but I started doing this and it really works!

    We are worth something, something worth fighting for.

    1. Lisa did… but you both thought the same thoughts and that’s positive.

      I believe you’re right too in talking to yourself in the mirror. I would also suggest reciting affirmations in the mirror. I’m pleased it works.

      Anything that helps us stay positive has to be a good thing and yes I too believe it’s worth fighting for.

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