8 thoughts on “A Marcel Proust quote

  1. This quote is so true. There is beauty all around us but sometimes we fail to see it.

    Some people think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. In reality, there are beautiful things we don’t notice because we become complacent with what we have.

    New places promise shiny new things, but if we’re not happy with ourselves; we will fail to see what we have at all.

    1. Thanks Maria. I think you’re right, we will fail to see the beauty, because we either don’t know how to look or think the grass is greener. We tend to ignore what we have, what we can achieve and instead wish we were somewhere else.

      Perhaps if we took time to appreciate the little things, we would understand our lives enough to know we have absolutely everything we need in front of us and nothing we need ahead of us.

  2. Perhaps if we conditioned our eyes to actually see, we may discover new landscapes without ever having to leave the room.

    Though I think most of us choose not to truly see; it keeps us close to the fire without being burned.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes I agree but that would mean going within ourselves and I’m not sure we’re brave enough to do it. It would also mean us having to take control and again we may struggle with that.

      Unfortunately we also fail to understand our lives and how we can fix things. We never do and that keeps us stuck.

  3. Yes, you have to take off the blinders whether you want to or not.

    So many people live their lives never seeing much more that just what’s in front of them, which is really sad! I lived the same way myself for the longest time and finally decided that I didn’t want to live that way any longer.

    There are so many things that I wasn’t able to see before; that make life actually worth living. I’m beginning to understand why it is that people fight so hard to live, when there seems no hope.

    Maybe someday I may actually enjoy being alive before I die!

    1. Gosh I hope so Randy. I think you’re first paragraph says it all. Yes we do have to take the blinders off whether we want to or not. I think if we could, we would learn to see our lives differently. Embrace what we have and understand our lives enough to make changes where we need to.

      I believe that when we can really see that’s when we start living for real.

  4. Great quote. Life’s not about what we look at, but how we look. It’s about perception and as Tim says, seeing and looking are two very different things.

    1. Thank you. Yes I think this quote is true for the same reasons and agree with you and Tim.

      We can see as many things as we want, but if our perceptions are wrong, we’ll never see those perceptions in the way we’re supposed to see them. Ultimately that will have an affect on the way we deal with people and things.

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