10 thoughts on “A Marcus Aurelius quote

  1. Indeed, life is all about what we make of it and how we cope with the good and the bad it inevitably throws our way.

    1. Thanks, yes and it’s also about how we handle ourselves. That is the most important. Whatever life throws at us, we must handle ourselves impeccably, so that our integrity stays in tact.

      Sadly, I have seen to my cost what happens when we don’t.

  2. Make yourself happy on purpose, is what I often say. Life is way too instantaneous and unpredictable to wait for happiness to find us.

    I want to be truly happy before I’m brought into the light on the other side.

    1. Thanks Tim. I would love to think we could be ‘happy on purpose’ but perhaps that’s something that comes in short bursts, if it comes at all, then it’s gone again.

      Or perhaps happiness is about purpose and when we have that, we truly have something that has the potential to make you happy.

      And unless that purpose is something we can tap into that is on-going, what lurks beneath the conscious mind, will always be there. I would say it very much depends on what that purpose is and whether it has the potential to sustain your life and your past thinking.

      I believe that before we’re brought into the light on the other side, it’s important we achieve happiness ‘status.’ Not to will make our transition much harder.

  3. The whole concept of a ‘happy life’ sounds so completely foreign to me. I don’t ever really remember being happy from the time I could start to remember, which was at a very early age.

    My mother didn’t seem to want me to be happy because I couldn’t make her happy and my dad was always pretty oblivious to what she was doing. I’m pretty damn easy to please, so it would take a whole lot to do so.

    I just need to figure out why I have this paralyzing fear of breaking away from my girlfriend and having my own life seeing as that would be the sane thing to do.

    No sane person would ever want to be trapped like this, which isn’t much more than just existing. The most that I would really like is to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin for once.

    1. Sadly, the more we talk about something, the less we act on it Randy. Those were my experiences up to the point I made the changes that needed to be made for me.

      All fear paralyses us and that fear comes from the unknown, not knowing how to make a new life, away from someone we have spent a lifetime relying on.

      I think the rational part of you knows that Randy, but the unconscious part of your brain, is saying this is what you have and your conscious thinking is thinking you won’t cope.

      But I believe you can and will. As the saying goes, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’ Sadly, the more you stick with something you know isn’t right, the more fear you have, the more paralysed you will become.

      You’ve had so much to deal with in your life Randy and you’ve come through those. I think you would come through this too, probably better than you think.

        1. So pleased to hear it Randy. You’re a good guy. You deserve to find and have peace in your life.

          Sadly, when that isn’t forthcoming as your story shows, we have to work at finding it.

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