4 thoughts on “A Marilyn Monroe quote

  1. That’s about right isn’t it? Humans have a unique ability to want to hurt others for their own selfish and self-destructive gain, that is simply not found in any other species.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you’re right, although it’s not always wittingly done from a place of malicious intent. We do hurt others, but what we’re not realising is that the hurt we feel towards someone else, starts and is coming from us.

      We carry baggage that’s a fact. The hurt we inflict on others is the hurt we carry through our baggage. That’s our starting point, then we work our beliefs around that.

  2. This is the most destructive of human behavior in a long line of others; always pretending to be and hurtful in the process.

    1. Yes, some of us may pretend to be and hurtful in the process. It’s often the people whose shoe is on the other foot that get hurt, ‘like those who have been done to’ as ‘my story’ has shown.

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