A Martina Boone quote

Something inspirational:

“It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you don’t accomplish anything in them.”


21 May, 2015

6 thoughts on “A Martina Boone quote

  1. That made me smile to myself. It’s a very simple quote but very true. It’s never about the shoes it’s about the person wearing them.

    1. Thank you. Exactly! It’s a shame there is very little understanding on that and if there is understanding why some people don’t work on that.

  2. It’s such a true quote. You could be wearing Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutain’s but if you’ve not done anything noble in them then what are you really accomplishing in life?

    I say stay humble and donate to a battered women’s shelter or some other cause. You can donate more if you spend less on certain expensive shoes.

    1. Thanks Maria. I suppose to be able to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes one must have accomplished something to be able to afford them, but life isn’t about buying the next big thing and paying over the odds for them.

      As you rightly point out we need to stay humble and accomplish great things that benefit others who need our help.

  3. I am sure Mother Teresa’s shoes were not fancy, but great indeed, since she accomplished so many noble actions in them.

    How we manifest ourselves physically is not as powerful as the actions we accomplish that make a difference in people’s lives.

    1. Thanks Maria. Absolutely… and I agree. Mother Teresa understood life, understood her journey and through her journey accomplished many noble things, helping other people.

      She helped change people’s way of thinking and living. A truly inspirational woman.

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