6 thoughts on “A Matshona Dhliwayo quote

  1. This is a great quote. Of course, all of our experiences shape us, but as the quote says perhaps the most important experiences are the hardest ones.

    1. Yes, we learn nothing through easy times. Through my own experiences and as my story shows we can come through the other end more balanced and centred.

      I believe that even through neglect abuse and trauma are etched on our souls because that is how experiences work, we can come through those experiences with a better understanding.

      This quote is absolutely true, but for it to work it’s something we must continue to work through.

  2. Perhaps too much ugliness will poison the soul or leave it thirsty for beauty. It certainly will make one wise, depending on the individual.

    But I agree with Brad, that our souls are shaped by all experiences.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, for those who spew out poison unless they are consciously aware that is what they’re doing, they will continue to spew out poison and that makes them look and sound ugly.

      I agree with both you and Brad, our souls are shaped by all experiences, but we do better on those, just by changing our attitudes.

  3. Life teaches us lessons every day, this is how we grow and gain knowledge.

    Unfortunately, not every lesson we learn comes from a happy experience. But those trying times seem to stick most in our mind because of the difficult situations that we may have to work through.

    Life makes us resilient (most of us) but there are those who also come out of their experiences and makes them bitter. But for the most part life frames who we are and helps us teach others from our experiences.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, I love your explanation of life. And absolutely true.

      What’s important is that no matter how hard life is it’s still important we come through the other end better, not bitter.

      Life’s too short otherwise.

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