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  1. I would have to do all of the above, as I know I could be doing a lot more with my life! It is just so very hard at times since I’m barely able to take care of myself, let alone be able to take care of others.

    People seem to have the misconception that my life is just so fantastic because I’m not working and have plenty of free time. They don’t seem to realize that I can barely get out of bed some days, let alone go traveling the world like they seem to think I could do.

    It’s kind of impossible, too, since being on a fixed income doesn’t provide that kind of freedom. I would love for them to live with my mind for just one day and see how much they would enjoy my vacation!

    1. It sounds as though people are giving you a hard time Randy. Until someone walks a mile in your shoes, they will have no idea what you deal with and therefore it’s unfair to pass comment.

      Hopefully when you feel better about what you deal with, you’ll move on yourself and make your own changes. In the meantime just do your best with what you have Randy. Good luck.

  2. I believe some things are absolutely unforgivable, but I’d rather liberate myself from things that happened in this life when I surrender in my final days.

    At some point it will become clear what’s really important.

    1. I tend to agree with you Tim. A blog I wrote a couple of days ago, which is now today’s blog reaffirms some of your comments here.

      With a little more understanding from us, I do think it possible to move on without holding a grudge. It doesn’t make right, what’s happened but it does bring understanding into the equation.

  3. Grudges I might hold against people would not matter if I knew that today was my last day, so I would forgive those people.

    Then I would tell people that have impacted my life, how much I appreciate them. Finally, I would give more time to my own family.

    1. Thanks Maria. I think preparing ourselves for our passing is important, because it helps with our transition into the spirit world, but I feel it’s even more important we change things this side of life first.

      That said, if we are prepared to change things at that time, I’m not sure what’s stopping us now. Perhaps it’s pride and/or our stubbornness to let go; all human traits which only serve to hold us back in our relationships.

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