4 thoughts on “A Mo Willems quote

  1. What a great quote. In an ideal world this would be universal and sound advice, but it only really works in some and not in all circumstances.

    1. Thank you and I agree, but I believe there is another side to this. We all have a choice to make and could make the choice to leave, but instead we choose to stay.

      Perhaps we see that as the easier option. In the short term, I would agree it is the easier option not to upset the applecart, but in the longer term it’s always the harder option because it’s never easy deciding to go.

      As hard as it is to do, it’s better to leave, for our sanity if anything.

  2. So true. So many people think they can’t get out of a relationship because they don’t want to breakup the family.

    I learned that life is too short to be unhappy with a significant other who hurts you emotionally. I’m happier now that I made the right decision to leave.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you. As you rightly say, to stay isn’t always the right thing to do. We have to do what’s personally right for us, not what’s right for the rest of the family.

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