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  1. Good quote. I was once asked in a job interview if I could say ‘no’ to people and I was even asked to practice in front of the interview panel! Thankfully I wasn’t offered the job, but I agree learning to say no is really important and people need to understand we all have that right.

    We do have a tendency to say yes all too readily, but I’m certainly learning to put myself first and I’m no longer concerned about declining situations I am not entirely happy with.

    1. There comes a time in our lives when we Need to say No and you’re right not to be concerned. As a child I never said No. I was too pleasing towards others, particularly my family which worked against me, because they were too quick to assume I would always continue to say Yes.

      When I began to take stock and began to put myself first, it was noted by my parents, which didn’t go down well at all. Things were never the same after that, but looking back now I would still do the same.

      It’s our life we have to live our lives our own way, not fall into line with other people, unless we want to. My only regret is not saying No sooner. I was too slow to wake up.

  2. None of us have the foresight to know if yes or no is the right decision at any given time. Mistakes prepare us for the next decision unless you know what the right decision is before hand and that’s very unlikely. I think we often put unnecessary pressure on our intellect to know these things.

    Perhaps the prize of making a mistake is finding the wrong answer instead of the right one.

    1. This a difficult one. It’s not always easy and not many of us will always understand how to use foresight to make the right decision on a Yes or No answer, unless it’s a straight forward question. Life has shown any experience whether we make a bad choice or not we still learn from that choice.

      In my own life never having said Yes to everyone clearly wasn’t right for me but was right for everyone else. If I had my time I again I still wouldn’t have been able to say No, because I would have had to have had different parents and that wasn’t in the equation.

  3. Once upon a time I was walked upon by many people. Recently I’ve opened my eyes that I have to take care of my own ‘house,’ before I can commit to other endeavours.

    The doormat will start to say ‘go away’ because I have stuff to take care of at home. I have to put significant others in the forefront, happy husband, happy wife!

    There is a fine line between being nice and being too nice. People take as much as you’re willing to give (and then some more). Gotta keep the balance, as Depeche Mode has said, ‘get the balance right’

    1. Yes you’re right, the nicer we are the more people will take advantage, because they know they can!

      On our part, we must learn to differentiate between people’s characters. Thee are people who will always take but never give; there are those who give but never seem to want to take and there are others who don’t give or take, they just never seem to get involved with other people.

      Being too lenient with people and saying Yes all the time isn’t the way (for a quiet life). As you rightly point out we do have to find a balance. To be walked over means we will never have a life.

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