2 thoughts on “A Muriel Spark quote

  1. This is a lovely quote.

    If only all teachers took this level of interest in our children’s development. I can’t remember any of my teachers being in the slightest bit interested in me as an individual.

    They were more concerned with ‘crowd control’ and getting the hour lesson over with as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks. Yes, quite. As a general thought you are absolutely right, although in 2021 education has moved on and teachers are generally more attentive and interested, although on a soulful level unless they understand ‘spirituality’ I think not.

      On a soulful level, this quote resonates with me because it speaks to your soul. Education through the soul isn’t something we diligently grasp or understand.

      When you intuitively learn, you learn from the soul. That inner voice I often talk about in my blogs is what the author of the quote is referring to.

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