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  1. This is a good quote. Many people wait to do things, not thinking that the best time to do things is now.

    People wait to have children until they are financially stable. But if they wait too long, they will be too old for children.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes some of us will have a tendency to put things off you’re right; others won’t always know how to live, they just come to exist in their lives.

  2. Well that puts it pretty simply. I have always wanted to live but never really learned how to! We learned how to survive as children, which doesn’t really qualify as living!

    It always seemed like my parents didn’t have lives of their own, so they went out of their way to make sure we didn’t either. People actually think I’m kidding when I say my mother should have worked for the CIA!

    It’s no wonder that I don’t have my own real identity which makes life very difficult. At this point in my life it would be fantastic if I could wake up in the morning and not feel guilty for being alive and wanting to ‘live.’

    1. Thanks Randy. I get you. Yes I have always made a point of making sure I never feel guilty for another person’s mistakes. We spend too much time feeling bad on some of our own things, I’m not sure why we choose to take on more.

      It stands to reason that the less guilt and baggage we carry, the more we will enjoy and live our lives.

  3. I believe there’s a real world underneath all material nonsense and predatory systems where existing and living are not the same. It’s a world hidden behind a protective barrier that we create and isolate from the realities of this world.

    It’s possible to exist between the two worlds, but living actually happens in one.

    1. Yes we either do it to protect ourselves so we don’t get hurt, or we’re struggling and choose to withdraw until such a time we cope again.

      We can exist between both as you say, but living takes place through conscious contemplation living; and choosing to be pro-active.

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