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  1. This is exactly what I would like to do more of. It gets a bit boring doing the same things all the time because I am afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I can see why that would be and agree. I think it is important, however to challenge ourselves, because it is often only through those challenges that we will emotionally and spiritually grow.

      I believe we’re often all capable of understanding and doing more, but because of fear and apprehension, we choose to play things safe. Unfortunately, apprehension and fear usually comes from what we’re told.

      Our earlier influences are very much responsible.

  2. I think life can end or begin at the end of our comfort zone, it depends on how cautiously we proceed. But we must take chances, explore new things and discover the good, bad and the ugly of our world.

    I normally stick my thumb out to see which way the wind is blowing before I venture too far from what I know.

    1. Thanks Tim. You venture out and that counts.

      I agree with you that we must take chances and explore new things, because without taking a chance or exploring new things, we will stagnate emotionally. Even if we stick our thumb out or dip our toes in a little, at least we’ve had a go. I believe we all have a life, but we start living when we learn to give things a go.

      If that means us having to come out of our comfort zone, then that is what we must at least try to do.

  3. Some people happily live firmly within their comfort zone and for others they have a need to continually stretch themselves beyond. It’s not for us to judge what is best for others but only for ourselves.

  4. I tend to live in my comfort zone; it takes a lot for me to venture into unknown territory. I’m happy where I am. I’m not a person who likes change.

    1. Thanks Maria. There’s really nothing wrong with that. I think the majority of us will live within our comfort zones and do it quite successfully, I’m sure. If you felt you needed to change even though you struggle with change, I am sure you would try.

      I think we have to go with and do with what we’re happiest doing. If that means living with what we know, without pushing ourselves further, then that’s not for someone else to judge and we shouldn’t feel bad.

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