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  1. I had to read this quote twice. It suggests that life is somehow inevitably unbearable and I am not so sure that is the case.

    It certainly has its moments and they can be pretty bad, but I do think we have to be positive even in the darkest times. The more we come to understand things, the less those things feel less scary.

    1. Thanks. Yes, life certainly has its moments, where those things seem unbearable, but as you say the more we understand things, those things will feel less scary.

      I also think that given this fast paced world we live in we must make sure we know what we need to know, just to survive.

      But for me it works the other way. Things become less bearable when I struggle to understand, more bearable when I have the answers.

  2. There are bright spots in the middle of hell if we focus our surveillance.

    But life becomes unbearable when we pull helplessly at a door that’s already unlocked; that’s something I’ve learned recently.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re right. If we focus our surveillance and know what we’re looking for, we can move on from anywhere.

      We’re masters of our own destiny, but with little understanding of what that entails, we give in too easily; or allow others to take charge of our lives.

      I think we need to be more instrumental in understanding what might be behind the unlocked door. An unlocked door makes it easier for us to walk through, but we must make sure it is the right door.

  3. I guess this would be considered a coping mechanism. If we say we don’t know, then we aren’t completely responsible for what happens.

    It could be looked at as procrastination as well. Which is really a way to take the pressure off of our shoulders. It’s easy to see how this happens.

    1. I think your first paragraph sums up your response beautifully and I agree. Thanks Maria.

      I think there are times where we might use this more than other times and that all depends on where we are emotionally.

      I tend to retreat as a coping mechanism. I don’t stop living my life or making decisions, but I do get to spend time with myself.

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