8 thoughts on “A Niki Lauda quote

    1. Thanks Tim. I think you’re right and agree with you, we can learn a lot from our enemies; but given our circumstances sometimes, we’re often left with no choice but to navigate around them.

  1. Besides being a huge Niki Lauda fan, I think this was an excellent quote. He spoke from experience because he learned a lot about himself, while dealing with an enemy.

    He learned how to be a better racer from heavy competition with an enemy. But, sometimes to a fault because he almost died trying to beat his enemy in a race.

    That goes to show that a little friendly competition is good, as long as you don’t let it consume your life and possibly destroy yourself.

    1. Thanks Maria. From what you say Maria, a little friendly competition is good, but that’s where the similarities end!

      I would say that when healthy competition begins to consume our life and sets out to destroy us, that’s when we need to take stock so that we bring ourselves back into line.

      As Niki Lauda’s near death experience has shown, no enemy is really worth that.

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