8 thoughts on “A Noam Chomsky quote

  1. I have always been a truth seeker, because the truth is so wonderful to be around.

    But sometimes you have to be quiet about what you know, as the truth is always treated like a criminal.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, that’s the thing, when it comes to the truth we mustn’t be quiet.

      The truth won’t make us popular, we may lose a few friends, but the truth sets us free. Speaking the truth concurs with the universal truths and is important if we are all to survive in tact.

      It may sound melodramatic, but it’s true. The less we are truthful, the less things work out for us.

  2. Boy, if that isn’t true. My parents always twisted the truth to suit their own needs, so it’s no wonder that I am so confused.

    What usually comes to mind when someone mentions the truth is that line from the movie which states that ‘you can’t handle the truth’ which seemed to be my parents motto.

    Only recently have I realized my own truth, which is that I can handle the truth and I’m only human so I need to stop beating myself up for it.

    They were only human too, but that still doesn’t make up for the hell that we went through. I just wish that I would have figured things out a long time ago, but it’s okay, it’s still good that I have.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’ll be good for you to stop beating yourself up Randy. This isn’t on you.

      Speaking your own truth is liberating, it’s freedom, it’s not having to look over your shoulder, it’s being who you are, it’s us trusting each other.

      But no matter what our parents do or they have done, we’re all responsible for ourselves. It’s what’s expected of us, for life to work, we all must.

  3. I have often said it’s not my job to convince someone else they are wrong. As this quote confirms, people have to discover the truth for themselves.

    1. Thanks. Yes, we can discover the truth for ourselves and we don’t have to convince others, but it also depends on what our truth is and how it is received by others.

      Unveiling our truth comes at an emotional cost. Not everyone is happy to hear our truth, particularly if the truth is something that has been buried.

  4. It’s very true that you can give someone the truth, but sometimes they won’t accept it. Therefore I just let them find out for themselves.

    After a good swift kick in the pants they realize I was telling the truth!

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, you’re right. I also think you’re right to let them find it out for themselves.

      The truth fits in with the universal truths. Our interpretation of truth will always differ, particularly when we’re talking from the ego.

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