4 thoughts on “A Noel Fitzpatrick quote

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes I do too. People usually don’t care about what we say, unless they know that what we’re saying is coming from a position of care.

  1. I agree. People really aren’t interested in anything that might help them until they understand that they are not being criticised, but it is being said and done from someone who cares.

    1. I agree. We also tend to know the people we’re familiar with and can trust to say kind things, regardless of what they’re going through. Those people us who speak from the heart and care will speak with compassion and always say kind and conciliatory things.

      I think over a period of time though, we get to know those people who genuinely care and say nice things. We tend to want to steer clear from those people who don’t. I know I do.

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