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  1. I like this quote. It tells us to be strong and to do the right things and to live a clean life. Happiness comes from being content with the actions you make in your life, so that later you have no regrets.

    People that feel they are victims are the ones that think negatively about their lives and that they have been wronged. When you feel like you are doing the right things, you feel better about yourself and about where your life is going.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, when anyone takes on the role of the victim they become the victim. Their whole outlook is centred around how they feel about themselves.

      Change and be the heroine and you’re looking at a totally different ‘you’, a totally different life and a potential new ending. I also don’t believe that ‘once a victim always a victim.’ I believe if we are prepared to be open-minded, and work on ourselves, our mind set will eventually change.

      Even if we don’t quite see ourselves as the heroine, we will at that point be somewhere in between.

    1. Thank you!! Growing up I was never paid any compliments. I can see how I’ve changed perceptions through my blog. I am pleased my blog has shown you a different side, also.

      It’s probably not up to me to give myself toffee, but after 56 years and everything I’ve had to deal with around a disability I didn’t know I had, perhaps it’s high time I did.

      Through my experiences, I have proved we can be the heroine, regardless of our start point. To play the victim tiring, it’s also draining, it invents negative thoughts, and long term it does interfere with our mental health.

  2. Being a victim is simply an experience in reality, but you don’t have to be a victim for the rest of your life. It’s really an awesome thing to learn from and store as reference.

    All of my experiences are worth saving.

    1. You’re right. Where you say, ‘all of my experiences are worth saving.’ I love that Tim. If we can learn from our experiences and those experiences shape us to become better people, there’s nothing better than that.

      I think if we can give us ourselves a time limit, there is no reason why we can’t get past moving from being a victim to being a heroine. The idea is not to stay stuck but to use our experiences, as a stepping stone to better ourselves.

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