4 thoughts on “A Norwegian Proverb

  1. Age has gifted me with a glimpse of how life actually recycles itself. I keep returning again and again to the same circumstances, things I’ve seen before.

    So forethought arrived after I made my way like a blind man.

    1. Yes, quite. Life tends to go like that and I believe that spiritual growth and more insightful behaviour allows us to work with more forethought than afterthought, but that’s more difficult to achieve.

      It is these that allows us to cross boundaries so that we’re more informed on our choices, without stumbling along in the dark.

  2. Hindsight, as the old saying goes is a wonderful thing. Some of us don’t even manage that, but we should all aspire to forethought.

    When I think about it, there are lots of similar sayings; look before you leap, engage your brain before opening your mouth; they all mean the same thing.

    We ought to think about our actions and how they affect people before we carry them out.

    1. Your last paragraph sums up your response nicely and ties in with us ‘engaging our brain before opening our mouth.’

      Yes if more of us took the time to think before we speak; we’d engage ourselves on much more acceptable levels without others having to deal with things we later go on to regret, if can’t admit we were wrong.

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