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  1. I remember watching a crime drama on TV years ago and the main character told her colleague she doesn’t listen to what suspects tell her, but to what they don’t tell her and I guess the same can be said for all of us in our daily lives.

    Much can be imparted without speaking, by assessing and making a judgement on the things people don’t say.

    1. Thanks, yes so true. It would be like filling in the blanks on the things said that don’t go far enough. It’s often the things left out that are more important than the things said.

      ‘Reading between the lines’ as I call it although it’s hard to do, is absolutely necessary.

  2. This is so true. What’s not said is usually louder than what is said. Even with my standoffish ways, I often receive what I need from nothing.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re right but unless we’re adept at working out what isn’t said, those things remain unsaid, hid and buried, unavailable to us.

      Perhaps your standoffish ways is more to do with what’s been done to you, rather than how you really are. I believe that with the right love and support growing up, you would be less standoffish.

      I know that because I was that child. When we learn to nurture and be kind to ourselves we have the capabilities of changing. The CP Diary is testament to my own spiritual and emotional change.

  3. Yes!! And paying attention to what has been said before and what’s being said in the present. This is still a working progress for me.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, the whole communication process is important, but sadly lacking.

      I think you’re right. The key is paying attention to what’s said and can’t help but think though, that if we all learned to be open and transparent, listening out for the words that aren’t expressed, wouldn’t need to happen.

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