A Princess Diana quote

Something inspirational:

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”


22 May, 2018

8 thoughts on “A Princess Diana quote

  1. She was an amazing woman and it was so very sad that the paparazzi ended up getting her killed. I would have thought those who were chasing her should have faced charges, but that never happened.

    I do try to do random acts of kindness, which I like to call my good deed for the day, and it would be fantastic if someone did the same for me someday. I can’t exactly say that I hold my breath waiting for it, but it would be nice occasionally.

    I grew up in a world where the only time somebody did something nice for you was when they wanted something, so I tend to be rather cynical about how I expect I’ll be treated.

    I had one of the worst days of my life yesterday, where my own daughter treated me like a piece of dirt after saving her from the nightmare she was living in, which always makes it even more difficult for me to be a nice guy.

    I will have to try very hard to not let it affect me, but it’s going to hurt for a very long time.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, Princess Diana was. It’s a shame her life didn’t work out, but I believe she’s happy in spirit.

      She’s doing pretty much the same as she did this side of life. I haven’t had a reading myself about her. just what you hear through the media hype.

      It sounds as though your daughter is emotionally struggling to come to terms with her own experiences Randy. She sounds a little stressed from what you say about the life she’s had.

      Your act of kindness is believing in her, where others haven’t done that and just being there for her. Helping her work on her mental health will help you too and change your daughter’s mood round.

      Although your struggles are difficult, you can come to understand each other’s plight, by working together more.

  2. Random acts of kindness is actually contagious when the scene has enough participants with kindness in their hearts.

    But we have to find a way to move past the mirror without seeing what we’ve become.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, when we have kind in our hearts, we will always want to participate in acts of kindness. Sadly, not enough of us participate and with more of life’s uncertainties around the corner, we’re participating even less.

      Perhaps the problem is that we’re not even bothering to want to look in or past the mirror. Although we’re not happy where we are, we seem reluctant to want to change.

  3. I often surprise people out and about with some kind act. Its a nice thing to do.

    I stopped in the road a few weeks ago, to help a lady having trouble manoeuvering her wheelchair on the footpath and you wouldn’t believe the looks I got from other drivers, as I had blocked the road. That made me more determined to do something similar again.

    I agree it’s contagious so let’s all go out and be unexpectedly kind to one another. That’ll shake things up.

    1. Yes, kindness is what makes the world go round. We need more of it.

      But as you have determined, doing one kind act not only brings about a sense of purpose on our part, but leaves a lasting impression on the other person.

      Whatever happens to that lady, your kind deed will be etched in her memory forever.

      1. Brad, I really appreciate your kindness to the lady in the wheelchair, it was heartfelt.

        But I’m surprised, I saw the shine in your spirit a long time ago.

        1. Thanks Tim. Yes, a good deed done. What Brad did is exactly why we’re here, but it’s not something we consciously think about.

          The good deeds are usually spontaneous, a spur of the moment thing, something we see at that moment, unless it’s how we are. For others it can take years to work through the process. Sadly, some live a lifetime doing nothing at all.

          I think the more we struggle ourselves, the more we open up to and see other people’s struggle. That is how it happened for me.

          Having also read Princess Diana’s biography, she struggled in her early life too, but differently to me.

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