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    1. I’m pleased to say I personally have no list.

      I always try to deal with issues without falling out with anyone. Although that’s not always possible, I do try my best to bring the right conclusion.

      I’m not sure I could write do what I do with my diary without working on this ethos. It has served me well.

  1. I bet my list is bigger than Brad’s. One of my dearest fantasies is to live long enough to witness some very bad people reap exactly what they sowed.

    And I believe it’s natural to yearn for justice in our personal lives, society and in the world.

    1. Thanks Tim! I agree. It’s a hard one! I too believe that people will eventually reap what they sow. I think if more people understood the universal laws and how they work, they would always do right by others and ‘do the right thing.’

      Some wrongful deeds seem more unforgivable than others, but karma is always on our side. There is no doubt in my mind that karma comes around. It will happen.

  2. I have a very hard time believing in karma, because I have seen so many bad things happen to good people while the bad people seem to have such great things happen to them.

    My list is very long and I have yet to see one of those people suffer any ill effects of treating me so badly. The reality is that if karma was a real thing, I would have gotten what I deserved and wouldn’t be here right now for the way I have treated some people so badly.

    Just one of many pet peeves where people don’t get what they deserve. I have to learn how to let go of my list so it doesn’t stick in my mind. There are a lot more important things to worry about!

    1. Thanks Randy. Unfortunately karma never plays out in the way we anticipate it will, but it never misses either. The universe understands and knows each of us individually, everything it needs to know. Nothing is missed.

      Your life is the life you chose for yourself with the people you chose, long before you were born. I sometimes find that hard to believe, but we’re supposed to take our lessons from choosing the life we’ve come into.

      Underneath our personalities and how we ‘choose’ to live our lives is our moral compass and that is what the universe taps into. It knows everything about us. You may have done things in your past that you think should have been addressed by now, but underneath you’re a good person Randy and the universe knows and understands that.

      The universe understands your struggles and why you’ve done what you’ve done. It’s when we wittingly and maliciously put things out there that the universe knows is morally incorrect, or goes against its own laws that the universe will act. Not when we think it should, but karma isn’t something we have control over. It’s all about timing. Karma comes in many guises and happens when we least expect it.

      I believe very strongly that karma happens when it’s ready. I continually live by that understanding. I think that’s the key Randy. It’s a belief system and with any belief system we must acknowledge, embrace and live by its code.

      It really is not for us to question; but for us to embrace.

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