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  1. I’ll agree to that. If we’re not strong on the inside how can we be strong on the outside.

    Our weakness will show on the outside.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I don’t believe any of us can hide their weaknesses for long. Even if we think we aren’t showing any weakness, someone will always pick it up. Thanks Lisa.

  2. My inner strength has pretty much been the only thing that has kept me going all these years, when I so desperately wanted to just give up.

    People have taken advantage of my outside weaknesses when I mistakenly opened up to them which is why I try not to show it now. I’ve made far too many bad choices in weak moments, which is something I can’t continue doing.

    I have to concentrate on the present and trying to do the best I can, to do what I need to do to keep myself going!

    1. Thanks Randy. I think many of us make our worst decisions in our weakest moments Randy. We’re more vulnerable at that moment and which is when we often need the most support, but others will often take advantage of that fact.

      I agree with you that trying to do your best now is the only way to go. What’s happened in the past has gone. What’s important is where you go and what you do from here.

  3. My inner strength is evident. Most people recognize it and respect it, but someone will always interpret my kindness for weakness and then I’m forced to give them a dose of stern righteousness.

    Like Randy, people have tried to take advantage of what they mistakenly perceive as outside weakness, but I can be gentle and strong too.

    1. Thanks Tim. I feel what you’re describing seems fairly normal in today’s society. We interpret what we want to interpret and then behave in accordance with those interpretations as we undoubtedly mistake people’s strengths for their weaknesses etc.

      Many of us will continue to misinterpret many things about many people and I find that very sad. An effort should be made on all sides so that we interpret people correctly and act in accordance with people’s behaviour.

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