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“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

ANNE FRANK, The Diary of a Young Girl

21 Dec, 2013

10 thoughts on “A quote by Anne Frank

  1. I agree. I also believe that people are really good at heart.

    We should keep our ideals and not let go of them. People change and who knows maybe that person or people will also change and meet our ideals.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think deep down you’re right, but unfortunately life and circumstances get in the way.
      What happens to us will often change us, but deep down we do have goodness inside.

  2. I truly cannot understand how Anne Frank managed to see good in the hearts of Nazis. Perhaps she was an angel on earth?

    I do try to see good in people, but it is difficult at times when I see, hear and read about such atrocities, prejudice and suffering in the world, much of which is caused by man’s inhumanity and often involving innocent children.

    So I try and look beyond the act and see good; but in all honesty I don’t agree that we are inherently good at heart.

    1. Life would be dull if we agreed the same things! I understand your sentiments.

      I personally believe Anne Frank was an enlightened and spiritual person. She seemed to have an innate belief, an understanding of her life… how the universe works and the people in it and never gave up hope that one day she would live to personally tell her story.

      She had a gift, which not all of us have, but it would help if we could understand how it all works. Her beliefs carried her. She wasn’t bitter or twisted, which she could quiet happily have been, given her fate. She recognised and understood her fate and got on with things.

      She seemed to be a caring, kind, compassionate and conciliatory individual, who went on to earn enormous respect from the world, through her courage and determination.

  3. I would imagine it would be very hard to keep any faith in humanity after going through what she did!

    I know I gave up on my ideals after a certain point where I just couldn’t do it anymore. My faith has been sorely tested in my life, but I’m hoping I can regain some small part of it eventually.

    1. Thanks Randy. I understand your sentiments Randy, it would have been very hard for Anne Frank, but as her case has shown, even though she went through the most horrific circumstances, she still had faith in humanity.

      We all have a story to tell of course, life is tough, not all of us have things easy, but I still believe we can turn things around with a positive attitude. I believe that.

      It just may take us longer to do it, but I believe we can. I hope you regain some small faith in humanity soon.

  4. I disagree that people are really good at heart.

    There are people who are good at heart and there are people who are not; it’s as simple as that. Some people are possessed with evil in their heart and some people are possessed with goodness their heart.

    The author of this quotation must be bursting with goodness to feel that way.

    1. Thanks Tim. Don’t worry about disagreeing, you’re entitled. Opinions create debate and that’s good. There is an element of truth to what you say, but perhaps things aren’t as black and white as that?

      I tend to work on the assumption that no one is born evil and that our circumstances, environment and childhood play their part in how we turn out.

      In the case of Anne Frank I believe she was a very spiritual and that’s why she continued to believe and still had faith in humanity.

  5. It’s unfortunate to know that most people don’t have a good heart like I do. I’ve been stung by many people thinking that they were raised like I was with good moral fortitude.

    It saddens me for the most part, because I think what a wonderful world it would be if we could all trust each other knowing that we have the best intentions towards each other.

    It’s nice to hear that Anne still had hope for the rest of the world though. I’ve often thought what if myself…

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I have also been stung. I’ve walked away from many circumstances because those relationships just weren’t worth the struggle. I think we have to cover our own backs.

      You’re right, it would be wonderful if there was more trust in the world, knowing that we all have the best intentions for each other.

      Anne Frank had a wonderful disposition, even towards the end of her life. She and her story are truly inspirational. We can all learn from her.

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