6 thoughts on “A quote by Bertrand Russell

  1. Yes, the human race have to work together to survive, so I’m pretty sure that we may all be doomed if we don’t work on changing things.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s something we must all work on. No matter our differences we should be here for the planet, so that our children’s children can live their lives in harmony, with its flora and fauna.

      We need to make the planet a priority. We’re occupying a place on it. Our survival depends on it.

  2. The first thing we can do to ease our concerns about mankind is to respect the place where we sleep, meaning the planet. Then we need to stop considering evil as a way to survive.

    Something is influencing our energy, but in a negative way.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your response is spot on. We must look after the planet. Life, including money, work and relationships are every day influences that can leave us feeling drained. Also being on the receiving end of other people’s decision making.

      That is true in the world today and us having to work through and live with their consequences. Those cause us stress and do affect us negatively.

  3. If we cannot agree on how to exist in a non-harmful manner to ourselves and our environment and implement global measures to achieve that through cooperation, then we are ultimately damned by our own wilfulness.

    Unfortunately the signs are already not good.

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