4 thoughts on “A quote by Bruce Lee

  1. If you do not think about what you’re doing, learn from your mistakes and always strive to be better, you will gain no experience.

    Anyone can do a kick 10,000 times, but if you’re not thinking about what you’re doing it will just be 10,000 kicks. If you think about what you are doing, how you could do it better, it will be one kick, 10,000 times.

    Mastery is better than mere curiosity.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the lesson is clear, don’t just repeat something, think about why you’re repeating something.

      This quote emphasizes the importance of focused practice and a high level of proficiency, not just in sport but in life also.

    2. Very wise quote. If we all practiced one love 10,000 times the world would be a better place to live.

      Bruce Lee was a tall mountain.

      1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right on both counts. But it’s not enough we talk about it, it must be something we must continue to work on.

        Bruce Lee was and still is the best. His legacy lives on through his words.

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