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  1. I was at real peace spiritually before I became ill. Since then I’ve doubted me faith in a way.

    I don’t feel that calm, serene peace I had once before. My soul is unsettled and that makes me nervous. I’m working on it though. Good quote, Ilana

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes, we may sometimes lose a part of us when something big happens, either through illness or losing a child early. We may also struggle to identify with the same beliefs we had before those experiences. We tend to question our beliefs more.

      The person we were before those times is definitely not the same person coming through the other end. As we meet with new challenges, we must start to build our confidence again, particularly around something like a stroke or heart attack.

      It’ll be good for you to work on your spiritual side Lisa. The more accepting you are of your new circumstances, the more calm you will become.

  2. We live and we die, so the hard part is dealing with everything in between. I think of this as I begin to process my dad’s death, seeing as it nears his actual birthday which he almost made it to.

    This tells me I need to get busy, since I’ll be 49 soon and if I’m very lucky, have another 25 years or so before the Dementia catches up with me too!

    I have watched both my parents go through that horrifying process and I can’t say that I really want to either. Part of me understands why Robin Williams took his own life, so he wouldn’t have to face the suffering that goes along with dementia, mostly for the people who love you.

    My biggest fear, even more than the Dementia or Parkinson’s is to be forgotten once I pass, so I just want to do what I can in the time I have left!

    1. Thanks Randy. The good news is that most cases of Dementia aren’t hereditary, so thankfully that doesn’t necessarily mean you will.

      I believe it’s important we focus on our own lives and work to change how we live, so that we’re looking at different outcomes for ourselves. The ‘inbetween’ is important, because what we do between being born and dying will shape the final outcome.

  3. Perhaps an ending is only the limit of all we can perceive; like believing death is the end instead of our birthday.

    1. That is absolutely correct Tim. We are limited in our understanding, until we come to understand the concept of death.

      Death is never the end. It is the beginning of a chapter of a soulful journey. There is absolutely so much more beyond our own limitations.

      Psychics and mediums speak to our loved ones and continue to quantify a life beyond this life. I believe it too.

  4. I completely agree with this quote. All things come to an end and sometimes that end is also a new beginning.

    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. A new beginning of things not always familiar, but that’s not altogether a bad thing. It’s how we grow.

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