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  1. I have been trying to become a better person under very difficult circumstances!

    It’s so very hard for me to reach out and help people considering what has happened far too many times. It was a very hard lesson learned that you can’t help those who aren’t willing to help themselves. People will so often take all that you have to give and keep expecting more, even when you have nothing left to give. You have to learn when it’s time to let go, like a lifeguard making the choice between saving a person or drowning with them!

    I wasted far too many years trying to save the world when I wasn’t even able to save myself! I allowed my resentments to fuel me, which only creates more negative energy and darkens your soul. I have had to let go of those toxic people in my life because they weren’t willing to work on themselves.

    I was forced to help people in my childhood, even those I detested, so it’s no wonder that I couldn’t tell the diference between good and evil. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing that will take full advantage of your kindness and generosity.

    It’s just a matter of learning who you can help and those you can’t!

    1. Thanks Randy. Given what you’ve had to deal with, it’s lovely that you’re trying to become a better person.

      I know it’s lovely to want to help others, but It’s really not up to us to sort out other people and I’m not sure we can. It’s up to other people to try to be better people themselves. We can only sort ourselves out.

  2. Great quote. We are all on a journey that includes bettering ourselves, so in that context I can see why we must alway strive to be a better person.

    Unfortunately, at some times we are simply trying to ‘be’ and being better takes a back seat.

    1. Yes I think so too. The irony is that being a better person will stop us battering ourselves, but we need to stop battering ourselves, if we are to be better people.

      It’s a coping mechanism of course, a bad one at that. We need to at least try to be better people. Even if we don’t succeed first time, I believe it will eventually come with perseverance.

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