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  1. I fail to see life as a marathon to consume as much time as I possibly can. If anything, we waste too much time participating in social constructs, that we believe is life.

    People view life differently and personally, with different values in mind. We waste too much time chasing time and going nowhere.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes we will always view life differently and personally and have different values we bring to the table. That’s fine of course, but the reality is that when we come to the social constructs you talk about, we’ve already run away from ourselves.

      I believe we must work on ourselves first, before we can do anything else and do it well. Without working on ourselves first, we will chase time, tread water and go nowhere; you’re absolutely right.

  2. I have come to value time more and more, as I get older. I am amazed to hear myself say that; as its the sort of thing my parents might have said, but it is true.

    It may very well be the one thing we have no control over, other than how we decide to spend it. It is to me very special, so I agree wasting it, in whatever way, is not to be encouraged.

    1. You’re absolutely right and I completely agree. It’s amazing how some of what our parents say to us, come into our own minds as we get older and although I didn’t often agree with my parents, this is one area that I totally agree.

      Time is precious. It passes so quickly and therefore it’s important to make the best of what we have and not waste the time we do have.

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