6 thoughts on “Quote by Confucius

  1. Humans couldn’t possibly know everything, unless they’re living in a hall full of mirrors talking to themselves everyday.

    I disappear quickly when I see them coming.

    1. Yes, I don’t believe we can possibly know everything either, but we can at least try to work things out. That’s how we emotionally and spiritually grow. The more we grow, the more learned we become.

      As we continue to live our lives we can continue to learn, but not everyone will choose to. Some of us think we know, but clearly don’t, but if we don’t know we should at least admit we don’t know, because that encourages us to want to learn.

    1. I agree with that. Yes, quite. But again, it’s all about emotional growth. Once we start growing emotionally, we will understand, then learn what it is we need to know.

      Without that we will struggle.

  2. Most of the time when someone acts like they know all the answers, they usually don’t and turn out to just be a blowhard who want all of our attention.

    If I actually had all of the answers, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in at this point of my life.

    1. Thanks Randy. Perhaps it’s a confidence thing. From my own experiences, people who generally go out of their way and think they know the answers, usually do because they make their way to know.

      They also have a point to make, something to prove or just because they want to be heard.

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