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  1. This is absolutely true. I don’t think we can complete our life’s journey without the confrontations that get thrown in our way.

    They contribute to the lessons that through learning certainly make us stronger.

    1. Thank you. Yes, if our lives went according to plan, we wouldn’t know how to deal with the bends in the road. Those bends in the road teach us about resilience, understanding, tolerance and patience.

      All of those things help us get through the difficult times without giving up. As you rightly, say the confrontations contribute to life’s lessons, which help us to learn.

  2. Ilana, everything about life is different when you view it from the bottom upward, where the roots are. There, you’ll find that storms are what made you the author of the greatest blog site on this here internet.

    1. Awww thanks Tim!! I have to say, reading your response to today’s feature page quote has made me very emotional, on the enormity of what I have achieved with the diary. Words also can’t express my gratitude for your help and support.

      Without getting to the grass roots on some of those storms you take about, finding success will always elude us. I think sometimes we try too hard to look, to find the something that will change our lives and that perhaps we just need to bide our time and have confidence that things will turn out.

      I have always been aware of my own storms, but even with my many struggles; I still always had an innate belief that my time would come for my wrongs to be righted. Perhaps that’s what drove me.

      We must always continue to believe, to hope, to find what works for us.

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