6 thoughts on “A quote by Dr Seuss

    1. Thanks Lisa!I also agree with this quote. I love its simplicity and truthfulness. We must always be who we are and say what we feel.

      It’s all we have.

  1. I really appreciate this quote, it’s so true.

    But I’m fidgeting in my seat thinking about the ratifications of saying what I feel in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

    Forums like the CP Dairy provide us the opportunity to say what we feel, it’s an extension of technology created for that purpose. But I say what I feel when it’s to my advantage and I reserve my right to withhold my truthfulness when it’s not.

    1. Thanks Tim. Is there ever a wrong time to say what we feel? When we get to that stage where we feel we have to say something, it becomes appropriate and the right time, although when we do say something there are inevitably consequences, when someone doesn’t agree!

      The CP Diary initially came about so I could use my experiences to understand my life and how to do and get the best from it, because it had always been so negative. It has since become a forum which gives other people the opportunity to say what they feel and love that it does. I hope that it will continue to do so for many years to come.

      As individuals we’re very much entitled to say what we feel, when we feel… in the same way we’re entitled to withhold how we feel.

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