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  1. My aptitude for love and my commitment to life is strictly an extension of my faith and every single day I am physically and psychologically seduced by things that makes me cling to my faith.

    But when I’m in distress, I’m fully aware of how fragile my faith can be.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes it’s only when we’re faced with difficult circumstances that test our faith, we either cling to our faith or turn our back on it. I have seen both happen.

      It’s easy to make decisions and then begin to dig doubt our decisions My spiritual beliefs are so strong that I never stop to question myself. My faith in my ability to make a decision through my spiritual belief is never in doubt.

    1. Thanks, yes I couldn’t agree more. I think attitude needs to be included in that scenario too, because when someone says something in good faith, they will always do it with the best of intentions, which is why it’s said in good faith.

      The problem is that the recipient doesn’t always take it or see it that way and it’s that which causes friction.

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