8 thoughts on “A quote by Epictetus

  1. I agree. We don’t have to explain why we think the way we do or do the stuff we do. We should be comfortable being ourselves without worrying about the opinions of others.

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re absolutely right, we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves to anyone.

      But some people just have that affect on us. We don’t even have to have seen that person for a while, but as soon as we do we fall straight into the same bad patterns.

  2. This quote makes me think about people who are suffering while we sit back as idle spectators, acting in a way that’s not consistent with our values.

    We all believe in something, but we often remain silent about the things we believe in.

  3. Thanks Tim. Yes I would hope that we would choose not to remain silent, particularly when it comes to other people’s suffering.

    We never know whether those people we choose to help, might reciprocate that back to us, if we ever needed help.

  4. I so very much understand. There are times when there is so much to say especially in a situation that may require it.

    But some people including myself find it difficult to fess up around those certain individuals; then others we can ramble on about what needs to be said instead of fear of judgement or an obligation for an explanation. It’s hard to overcome.

  5. Oh yes definitely try! No if and/or butts about it. Thank you Ilana!

    It takes time and therapy for me anyway, to learn to open my mouth when I need to. Specifically when it benefits others.

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