8 thoughts on “A quote by George Carlin

    1. I always find a moral or a message in quotes that I use for the site.

      This quote is no exception and is absolutely true. I believe families are inherently dysfunctional. It’s the nature of families, although there will be one or two exceptions to that rule.

      I think it sad that families get it so wrong. We get one crack at life, a long time dead (as my mother used to say), so it’s important we change things while we can.

  1. It took me a long while to think about this one. At first I just thought it was a comedic post, but wow, it has a lot of meaning, some which I could relate to based off experience.

    I love the inspirational quote you post once every few days, gives something for us readers to think about. Keep up the good work and have a good day!

    1. Thanks Ronnie and welcome to the site. Yes I also love the fact that the quotes I choose gives me something to think about and something to aspire too. I find that helps me in my life.

      I hope you’ll post again to the site soon.

  2. This is another appealing message from George Carlin. He’s joking about how the family is evolving, but he manages to make us laugh and think about it.

    1. Thanks Tim. I believe behind every quote there is truth, a serious side as well as something to think about.

      I am under now illusion families do argue, but there are some that do get it right. It’s a human failing, I feel.

    1. Thanks Maria. I know from what you’ve said, you’ve had a lot of support from your family, but those aren’t my own experiences or what I see. I’m so pleased your experiences are different in that way.

      There’s no getting away from the fact that families do argue. I’m under no illusion about that but I am sure there will also be families who choose not to argue.

      It’s almost a human failing, I feel.

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