A quote by Heath Ledger

Something inspirational:

“I generally don’t think most situations can be labeled as black or white.”


6 Jan, 2018

6 thoughts on “A quote by Heath Ledger

  1. There are certainly gray areas and other colors too, but some folks’ thinking is like drinking and driving, it’s way too dangerous.

    It’s just a matter of extracting a little information and looking at the bigger picture.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your last paragraph sums up your response in its entirety. You’re absolutely right.

      Grey areas exist, because we fail to extract the information we need to give us the bigger picture.

  2. I completely agree with this quote, but unfortunately far too many people believe all matters are black and white and that has directly led to much of the mess the world is in right now.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I believe you’re right. Sadly, the more people think they’re right, the less accountable they will be.

      We only have to pick up a newspaper or turn the News on and this is exactly what we have.

  3. Life would be too easy if it was black and white. God added color to keep us marching on. He hates for us to be bored!

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, life has a knack of doing that!

      The sad reality is that where we fail to keep marching forward, because we don’t understand the signs, emotionally we will struggle.

      It is our understanding of our circumstances that helps the transition as we journey through life.

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