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    1. Thanks. Yes, society judges us on just about everything. We are judged on being a success, from those who haven’t managed to be successful, in the same way we will be judged for intending to do things and not following those things through.

      I guess that’s where the saying ‘A ROUND TUIT’ comes from. We intend to do something, but never do. Sadly, we will also be judged on that.

  1. Yes, so very true and it’s what I really need to work on doing. There were a lot of things I wanted to do growing up, but that never happened, so I need to stay focused on what I can do now.

    Most people at my age have everything that they worked hard for, like a house, career, children,etc. while I’m basically starting over without a whole lot to work with, materially.

    I have a partner who is pushing me to get those things now, but I can’t say that I want that level of responsibility right now, or at least with her, unfortunately.

    It’s time for me to finally ‘walk the walk’ rather than just ‘talk the talk,’ even if it means I have to do it on my own.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, we build our reputation on what we say we will do, yest sadly, we don’t always follow through. But I don’t believe that not following through is always intentional. That would depend on where we are emotionally and what we have to deal with.

      I used to know someone in school who always had good intentions, but when it came to the crunch, she never followed anything through and although I didn’t quite understand her behaviour fully, looking back I see it was her way of wanting to be accepted by other children.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Perhaps we need to run with ‘do as I do, not as I say.’ Just a thought.

      In other words, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

  2. The serenity of a good reputation requires consistency over time. It should be easy if you’re true to who you really are.

    1. Thanks Tim. Your last sentence sums up your response beautifully. And you’re right any good reputation requires us to be consistent, but we must be so in a way that encourages positive mediation.

  3. I love this. Taking charge of what you want to do and making tangible goals is important. Actions speak much louder than “what if” or “I should”.

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