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  1. We used to say that an idled mind is the devil’s workshop, which means we momentarily yield to fear, possibly darkness within. We’ll never dislodge those thoughts until we take action, but I wouldn’t expect a miracle instantly.

    It helps when I have a real honest-to-goodness look at things and a temporary change of environment helps too. Otherwise, I’ll keep pushing negative thoughts deeper and deeper into my mind.

    1. Thank you. Yes, around anxiety that is what I do too. I used to have to keep myself busy to dislodge any bad thoughts.

      I still struggle today, not surprisingly with what I’ve had to deal with. But your second paragraph Tim sums up your response beautifully.

      It’s a shame the temporary change in environment doesn’t become more permanent. Moving away temporarily from something although light relief that is sadly all it is.

      Moving away permanently is exactly what’s needed.

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