6 thoughts on “A quote by Jane Austen

  1. This is so true! it seems like we just can’t get along at all. We’re afraid we’ll hurt someone’s feelings or we get offended over nothing. It’s ridiculous.

    We should all come together as one and enjoy just being alive and living in harmony. We need some peace!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I believe this quote is open to many interpretations, one of which you have picked up on.

  2. I especially agree with Lisa’s last paragraph.

    I know I’m flirting with disaster here, but I believe this quote is alluding to cultural differences and our inability to embrace traditions and customs of other peoples while living on the same planet.

    It pleases me to learn the pleasures of someone not like me in terms of race, ethnicity and religion.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. I agree our inability to respect other cultures as well as our own, is the cause of the problems encountered throughout the world today.

      This is a particularly relevant and enlightened quote especially as it was written almost 200 hundred years ago.

  3. This really is an amazing quote, as it encapsulates so much that is wrong with the modern world in one sentence, written almost 200 years ago.

    I doubt we will ever look back in 200 years time and say the same about something written today.

    1. Authors don’t seem to write in the same way as they did back then, so I think you’re probably right; but we won’t be around to know if it actually happens, unless it happens in our lifetime.

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