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  1. Many people are in abusive relationships but not fully aware of it. I guess it takes time to see ourselves and life as it really is.

    So be aware of folks who have a need to treat you badly, as humans and rats are not that far apart.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you have highlighted a problem many people are not aware of. But an unkind word, a bad tone, us having to defend ourselves, amounts to abuse.

      Abuse literally goes on under our noses, and it’s become a way of life. We don’t see, or acknowledge that is what we’re dealing with.

      Perhaps we’re scared of the unknown, but whatever our reasoning for staying and putting up with bad behaviour, living with someone who shows no empathy, compassion or tolerance, and who is by all accounts probably a narcissist, can make us ill.

      Where you say ‘I guess it takes time to see ourselves.’ In these circumstances, getting to know ourselves can’t come soon enough.

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