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“You feel your strength in the experience of pain.”


6 Dec, 2015

12 thoughts on “A quote by Jim Morrison

  1. What happens when you experience a lifetime of pain? I should have superpowers by now if my strength is directly related to my level of pain!

    I’m not sure which is worse, but at least the physical pain will eventually go away whereas the emotional pain doesn’t go very far away. People seem to constantly say things like, ‘just get over it! but it isn’t quite that easy sometimes.

    The most I can do at times is to go completely numb, where I don’t feel anything at all. I know part of life is experiencing pain, but there are times when I feel like enough is enough.

    The hardest part is learning to live with the pain and not let it get in the way of me living my life, like I should have been all along.

    1. Thanks Randy. It’s a tough call, but I believe that it’s only when we come to experience the difficulties in our life that we find our resolve and often come through with more clarity, understanding and strength.

      As you say, it’s not easy understanding how to let these things go. Once we find a way it seems effortless, but we normally have to get to that stage. With me something just clicked.

      I can resonate with your feelings today. You know you have my full support.

  2. Amen to that! We SO very much gain a ton of strength through pain; whether it’s emotional, physical or both we sure get stronger!!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I can only speak from my own experience of course, but I believe we do get stronger.

      We learn a lot more through difficult times, more than we do through times where life seems to go swimmingly. Our lessons come from those difficult times.

  3. While I think this quote has some validity, it seems to slightly regard pain with the power of Popeye’s spinach.

    I’d rather choose other strength factors and blend them first.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes Popeye did rather make difficult circumstances look and seem so easy, but only when he’d eaten his spinach! Perhaps it’s all about our perceptions and how we choose to look at those difficult circumstances.

      The more we experience pain through difficult experiences, the more we will understand how to deal with the emotional pain.

  4. I usually don’t feel strong when I’m going through pain.

    It feels likes it’s not going to get better, but I guess I might be strong because I have managed to go on with life despite the pain. Some days I have to push myself more.

    1. Thanks Maria. I know you’re strong, more than you think. I think it’s only when we have to work through pain that we begin to equate our emotional strengths.

      I can resonate with your response today. We never think we are strong emotionally, but when push comes to shove and we have to be strong, our resolve is there. It’s particularly true when it comes to any disability.

      We have to be strong all the time, not just when our circumstances require us to be.

  5. I agree, we can only have our own perspective with our individual experiences.

    I can say having this body is very painful physically. Exercising the sore parts are a pain killer too. If anyone has the ability to do so, I recommend it immensly. It might hurt a little, but hopefully you’ll feel better afterwards.

    I know at 33 yrs old, I shouldn’t feel this way and I’m concerned about what will happen as I age. Just yesterday I was talking to my dad standing for about 10 min and had to sit down because it hurt.

    It weighs on my mind too.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I completely resonate with you here. As you say though, through pain we will grow stronger.

      I have found that through emotional growth we learn how to deal with the pain, partly because we have no choice. The pain we go through shapes our personalities, makes us into the people we go on to become.

      Perhaps that’s what we should be honing in on and not concentrate so much on the things we struggle with the most. How I age is always there at the back of my mind too.

      You’re not in this alone. I’m here as a support to you too.

  6. Jim Morrison was no stranger to emotional pain and he is right. Unless we experience pain, we really can’t learn about our strengths and that we have the ability to grow and to change what we need to.

    1. Thanks, yes I couldn’t agree more. I feel that is the only time we really learn about our strengths. When we cruise or breeze through life, we learn very little.

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