4 thoughts on “A quote by John Green

  1. Very true. It’s a sad feature of human nature that there will always be those among us, who are so self-centred that they care less who are casualties to their egos.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I’m not sure that will ever change, but I hope in time, it can be greatly minimised. It’s how we choose to ive our lives.

      There is a better way.

  2. What’s very sad is that we continue to participate in war games for economic, social and political rewards regardless of the scars we give people.

    The way we prey on each other like we prey on the planet is very unfortunate. I hope one day we begin to see things much differently.

  3. Thanks Tim. Yes I couldn’t agree more. The sad reality is that if we could change this today if we wanted. It’s an attitude and perception thing, both of which are changeable.

    If only we engaged our unconscious thoughts! Those are the thoughts that create how we behave consciously that leaves scars on the universe.

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