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  1. Well, that does make a lot of sense, seeing as the cards I was dealt were pretty darn terrible. I have been trying hard to change my cards, or at least working to change my mindset about dealing with the cards I already have.

    My parents always made it seem like life was going to be horrible no matter what we did, so it’s no wonder that I have had such a hard time with depression and mental health issues.

    They never dealt with their issues, but I have at least tried to, which is a great start, but I know I haven’t done as much as I should have.

    There must be a way to get those new cards, so I can start a whole new life, now that would be great.

    1. Thanks Randy. I believe we can all change the cards. My circumstances may be different to another person’s circumstances, but this boils down to a determination and us choosing to change our lives.

      It’s slightly more difficult to do, when you have a rough start. How our lives start out will determine to some extent how our life may continue.

      As our stories show Randy, changing our lives can be difficult, but through time and effort on our part, I still believe it can be done.

      I never gave up believing my life would change. I continually held on to that belief throughout my childhood and never lost sight.

      The universe knows our thoughts too, but although it knows our struggles, it cannot solely provide and pave the way for us to change, we must do that.

  2. I suspect Kanye has heard the old saying which goes something like, ‘we can’t change the cards we are dealt only how we play the hand.’ Either way I agree.

    It’s our attitude to the cards that matters.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the point is that without the right attitude, no matter how many times you change the cards, your life will never change.

      Perceptions play a big part in how we see our lives and other people. It’s clear we’re not getting that right.

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