6 thoughts on “A quote by Lao Tzu

  1. Anger just causes problems so that we don’t think clearly. To be calmer and fight we think of the right ways to win the fight.

  2. I like this quote and agree with its reasoning.

    The best fighter is more tactical than emotional, anger is blinding and distracting. In fact, the best fighter tries to anger his opponent to the point of confusion to gain an edge to be victorious.

    Many people today are so blind and consumed by anger that they lose sight of the bigger picture. They can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. They say in AA something like “Anger is the dubious luxury of normal men!” which I take to mean as we can’t afford to be angry because it causes us so many problems!

    I’ve always been angry at the world for what my life was like and ended up destroying myself in the process. I’m trying very hard now to not be so angry all the time since it usually leads me into very dark spaces in my mind!

    Hopefully I can learn how to get out from the burden of my anger so I can have a much more peaceful life!

    1. I completely understand you Randy and agree with you that it’s important not to carry on being angry.

      I hope you get to have a more peaceful life, you deserve it.

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