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“I shiver, thinking how easy it is to be totally wrong about people-to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole, to see the cause and think it’s the effect or vice versa.”


20 Feb, 2014

6 thoughts on “A quote by Lauren Oliver

  1. I totally understand. Sometimes we only see the small part that is good or bad and don’t see people for who they really are.

    They only show what they want you to see or know about them, or they put on an air so they will look cool due to the fact that they are just a normal person with normal things going on in their life, like everyone else. They don’t think about the fact that first impressions count and others judge you on those first impressions.

    I may meet someone and they put on a façade and I form an opinion based on that not knowing that they are the total opposite of that façade.

  2. I’ve certainly done that once or twice and got it totally wrong, so I now try to be a little less impulsive in making those decisions.

    1. A very wise decision. We should always look at the whole of something. That way we avoid coming to the wrong conclusions about people.

  3. We often form opinions about people from the confinement of our ignorance; it’s more convenient that way.

    I know a few folks who are just too intellectually lazy to take the time to see the whole of a person.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right. I grew up around family who chose to behave that way. From my experience, it has not been easy being on the receiving end of that kind of behaviour.

      I have had to adapt my life accordingly and have done for most of my adult life.

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